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Twitter, Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Twitter, Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Twitter is a series of quick information bursts, a search engine of sorts, like the old ticker tape from the stock market – current, up to the moment data, that keeps scrolling through. I’m here, this is how you find me, this is what I do, go here to read more. You can think of it like buckshot.

Check Your Facebook Blood Type

Since Facebook is the blood line of most small business marketing strategies, by choosing your Facebook “blood type” you can become a positive presence while branding your business – you can be A Positive, while dealing with the B Negatives so you can C Growth in your Business!

7 Steps to Make an Impact on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn has the potential to allow you to connect and build relationships with your peers, clients and potential clients. You can use LinkedIn as your personal platform to show the world that you mean business and what you’re all about. It’s all about creating and establishing your personal brand.