7 Steps to Make and Impact on LinkedIn!-3

LinkedIn has the potential to allow you to connect and build relationships with your peers, clients, and potential clients. You can use LinkedIn as your personal platform to show the world that you mean business and what you’re all about. It’s all about creating and establishing your personal brand.

Here are 7 great tips to help you move forward in the networking sphere.

  1.  Professional photo

I know that you hear this all the time and that’s because it’s so important. This is you, your persona, and your brand. Put your best foot forward by showcasing the best ‘you’!

  1. Fill out your profile and summary completely

Be sure to take the time to curate informative and true information about you. You also have the option of adding photos, video, links, and documents. Make the most of every section. Have fun with it; show a little personality.

  1. Fill out job history completely

Make sure you list jobs and your tasks for the last 3-5 years. If there’s a gap, be sure to list what you did during that time. Maybe you helped out at your child’s school, or your church. It’s important to show that you were still active in those “no job” times.

  1. Written recommendations

This is a great way to endorse the people you have a current or previous, working relationship. You can also ask people to do the same for you. This gives people another chance to learn more about your personality and how you function in a work relationship.

  1. Publisher

Take advantage of the blogging feature. You can actually repurpose the content for the blog on your website. This is a great way to show people your expertise. This is another form of engagement. since this audience may never see your website or your social channels. Posting once a week is a great rule of thumb.

  1. Post daily

You can stay relevant by posting one time a day. You don’t need to curate each post, feel free to share good content for some of your connections posts or other reputable sources. You can even schedule your updates through a social media dashboard like HootSuite.

  1. Stay connected

Join groups relevant to your industry ,in order to find out what people are saying and the finding out questions they are asking. This is a great way to get content topics for your posts and blog.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in helping you to build your own brand (i.e., self image). More so than any other social media outlet. Your goal is to Inspire. Engage. Convert.

What do you like best about LinkedIn?

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