It’s that time again. Parents are clamoring to get their kids in to get their check-ups before school starts. Did you know that you have the power to take control of your dental schedule? Gone are the days of trying to squeeze in a patient where there isn’t even an opening. You no longer have to make your hygienist and the rest of the staff crazy right before school starts and then there’s a lull until December when patients want to get in before their benefits run out.

I’m sure you’ve heard this pitch before, but it’s true. With a little preparation and a little social marketing, you can gain control of your schedule and your production. Which in turn leads to being able to manage your expenses. Wouldn’t you like to take that next vacation without worrying about overhead?

Here’s what you can do…


  • Online scheduling
    • Streamline your scheduling. You have to admit that this takes up a huge chunk of staff time trying to get patients back in the office. Make it convenient for the patient and staff.
    • This allows patients to easily schedule their own check-ups without calling the office.
      • Check out…
  • Reminders
    • Send appointment reminders via text. People would much rather receive a text than a phone call.
      • Check out…
      • This will work for recall appointments, too.
        • You can let them know that it’s time to schedule and list the link to and your phone number.
      • Mobile numbers can also be captured when patients sign-in.
  • Blog
    • Assuming you have a website, you should be communicating with your patients and potential patients frequently. Let them know what’s trending in the dental arena.
    • A blog is also a great place to answer patients frequently asked questions (i.e., Will bleaching ruin my teeth, what is a root canal? I have a toothache; will it go away in its own?).
  • Create a monthly email newsletter
    • This is a more personal way to engage with your patients.
    • Have your staff take turns coming up with the content. They’re an encyclopedia of information. Remember, patients are more honest with them than you.
    • You can remind patients about upcoming events, encourage them to make their appointment before your schedule gets out of hand (i.e., back-to-school, end of year, dental awareness month and etc.).
  • Capture email addresses for your newsletter
    • You can create on opt-in page on your website.
      • Check out…LeadPages.
    • When patients sign-in, capture their email address so you can build-up your email list for your newsletter distribution.
    • Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to engage with your patients.
    • Most email providers are free until you reach a certain level of subscribers.
      • Check out…MailChimp
    • Here’s a dental sign-in sheet that you can use. It includes spaces for both mobile and home phone and email address. It also includes an email opt-in section.
      • Be sure to always get permission to add an email address to your email list. Never assume that the patient has agreed to it.
  • Social Media
    • Yes, I know. You’d prefer to stay private. But, marketing is way beyond that and it’s time you get social and it’s free.
      • Facebook is great because it allows you to make frequent updates with reminders, tips and offers.
      • Instagram is also a good outlet. This platform is great to post pictures of patients smiling faces as well as a new prosthetic that you made.

Don’t fret, you don’t have to the all of these suggestions at once. Strategize with your team and come up with a game-plan on when and how to implement. You’ll be amazed at how things change when you take it one step at a time. Your moving forward, that’s what matters.

Leave me a comment and let me what other issues you’re having.


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