Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media is a vital part of your business. It’s where you can tell your story; share your experience and expertise. It’s a platform for engaging with your audience and allows you to showcase your ideas, gain trust and endearment toward your brand. It helps you build awareness and strengthen customer relationships by keeping them informed of new products or a new service that you’re offering, which becomes your personal story to tell.

Social Media Management and Marketing includes:

1. Custom social strategy as well as customized and carefully curated messaging and posts.

2. Updates on the latest trends, tips, and tools.

3. Your events, videos, blog posts, photos, images, and podcasts will be incorporated into your messaging.

It can be a tad overwhelming to think about how to go about creating, managing and maintaining your social media platform. That’s where SimpleMSolutions can help. We offer several packages to get you up and running. Whether you want a little help, more help or delegate the entire shebang; we’ve got you covered.

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Social Media Management and Design

Tips to Consider When Hiring a Social Media Manager and Designer (SMMD):

1. Establish a strategy based on your Mission, Vision and Values.

2. Be upfront about your budget, whether it’s $500 or $5,000.00.

3. Use online resources of other businesses that sparked your attention or engagement with their social media presence.

4. Define your ideal customer/client. Who are you selling to?

5. What are your resources? Do you want to help out with your social media management, or is your time limited? Do you have someone in-house that can help?

6. Respect the process and the planning order designed by your SMMD.

7. Understand that it can take up to one year for your social media presence to gain momentum.

8. Keep the lines of communication open. Most SMMD’s would like to touch base on a weekly basis. Even if it’s a short 15 minute phone call. You will also need to let them know when things change (i.e., event cancelled, service or product discontinued, their contact has left the company.).