Is print dead?

Is print dead?

…it all depends.

Seems like there’s always a debate as to whether print is dead and the web is the way to go, after all, who uses “snail mail” anymore?

Plenty of people; according to the US Census, over 13 percent of population is 65 and older. Although, some of them are embracing social media, many are not.

Some folks think it’s easier to open up the Yellow Pages to find what they’re looking for rather than booting up their computer to do a web search. Others still appreciate the US Postal Service and rely heavily on a friendly reminder postcard from their local mechanic, dentist or doctor.

In fact, my mother-in-law loved to get mail and the newspaper. She would write letters and cards to people on a daily basis just so she would get a letter or two in return. She would include newspaper or magazine articles that she thought that person may have an interest in. She refused to get on a computer and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of getting a cell phone.

Sometimes personalized, limited and immediate information is the easiest way to get the attention of your audience.